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After spending five years in sketchbook purgatory, Zoetica's designs have finally been brought to life with the help of Plastik Wrap's Adriana and Ryan, who helped flesh out the design concepts and select materials.

Inspired by strict riding jackets of the Victorian era, Anime and the dark punk aesthetic, this tailored top and square skirt combo will only leave you breathless from admiration, not from lack of air. Classic tailoring and flourishes such as pleats, draping and structured sleeves are vivified with modern materials, and a few of Plastik Wrap's signature details; including adjustable straps for a fit that's as devastatingly flattering as it is forgiving. Made in all-black, and black-and-gray, GHST RDR summons visions of cyborg nuns, sexy assassins and art house aristocrats.

This is the second collaboration between Plastik Wrap and Zoetica Ebb – they first joined forces in 2008 for a limited run of T-shirts.

GHST RDR - Skirt Zoetica Ebb + Plastik Wrap GHST RDR - Jacket Zoetica Ebb + Plastik Wrap

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