GLOW 2011

Plastik Wrap is honoured to have been part of the making of this outstanding short.

"Exploring futuristic surrealism, GLOW follows the insatiable and chaotic Tessa, an addict whose fix comes in the form of AA batteries which she violently inhales to achieve a sensual electric euphoria."


GLOW a film by Nicolas Kadima & Jaclyn A. Smith

"Along with her lover and the mysterious character she steals the batteries from, we will witness the destructive repercussions of Tessa’s habit, leading us to a twisted ending."

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Plastik Wrap does Wardrobe

Being in charge of wardrobe was an interesting change for our design team; we shopped through vintage shops, deconstructed and aged items in our work shop, and designed sexy new pieces. The whole time working to create the sleek aesthetic drama outlined to us by Nicolas Kadima. We were able to work closely with Jaclyn Smith during the wardrobe design phase, and had Jaclyn to the Plastik Wrap boutique for fittings when needed. Jaclyn's feedback was very important in the design and construction of her character's costume, since the role was very physical and demanded much flexibility while being durable enough for the long hours and damp rough environments. Together Nicolas and Jaclyn were ideal creative partners allowing us to find our way while giving clear feedback when needed, we thank you both.

Our time working with the GLOW team went by quickly, we picked up some great techniques, and formed a new visual language from the experience. One element that you might notice is the design influence the project 'might have' had on our current website design. We also continued with this design direction by working with Nicolas on our latest Postcard design (the first we have ever had designed outside of Plastik Wrap), the postcard features our Crystal tube/halter top and a high contrast glow, Nicolas did a great job on the design and we look forward to further projects together.

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